Bierliebhaberei Publishes New Online Courses

Bierliebhaberei Publishes New Online Courses

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Since February 2022, Bierliebhaberei has made its official Bierliebhaberei online courses live, enabling everyone to acquire beer knowledge easily and cheaply

MUNICH, GERMANY, May 11, 2022 / — In order to acquire professional knowledge about beer as a beverage, various seminars and further training courses have long been available to those who are interested. However, the knowledge in it is often kept very elitist, the prices are high, and not everyone can therefore afford such further training. This reason was enough for beer sommelier Björn Buresch to design new online courses that are perfect for getting into the subject of beer and building up one’s own beer knowledge step step.

Björn has already passed on his knowledge to interested parties for two years on his YouTube channel and his blog “Bierliebhaberei”. In February 2022, his online courses went live, getting a massive response from its audience. “Education does not have to be expensive. That also includes education about beer,” is how Björn Buresch explains his new concept. “My vision is to be able to offer people worldwide access to knowledge about beer at a reasonable cost.” Beer sommelier Björn Buresch founded the Bierliebhaberei in 2020, always with the aim of imparting knowledge about beer online.

But it’s not just about the price, it’s much more important that one can learn at their own pace and independently with the online courses. For each lesson, students will get a PDF to save and print out so that the knowledge can also be collected analogously. Furthermore, all courses are available in both German and English. Since the information in the individual courses is conveyed in a very concentrated manner, students can create a good knowledge base and the time commitment is also manageable.

The following courses are now available for those interested:

– The free bronze course gives a brief insight into the topic of beer, in particular on the topics “ingredients of beer”, “beer variety” and “food pairing”.

– The silver course was designed primarily for those who are undecided and is considering a basic beer lover’s course. The contents of the silver course are the history of beer, brewing ingredients, the brewing process, beer tasting, and German beer styles.

– The aim of the gold course is to gain broad knowledge about the world of beer. This course includes all the courses from the Silver course plus modules on Belgian, British, and Trappist beers. The topics of food pairing and off-flavors are also taught in this course.

In addition, a course focusing on one’s own marketing at beer tastings can also be booked. Interest people can book their courses via

Still have questions about the online courses?

Feel free to contact Björn Buresch at any time at [email protected].

Björn Buresch
+49 176 20376760
[email protected]

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The post Bierliebhaberei Publishes New Online Courses first appeared on Amsterdam Aesthetics.

Germany - Amsterdam Aesthetics originally published at Germany - Amsterdam Aesthetics