Art laureate and enthusiastic representative of abstract figuration

Gabriele Schmalfeld with Gallery Inspire Art shows contemporary art.

Best new modern art by inspire gallery

abstract art

Best new modern art by inspire gallery

Gallery Inspire Art shows modern contemporary art.

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— Thomas Stephan

DRESDEN, SAXONY, GERMANY, November 21, 2022 / — Abstract or figurative – for Gabriele Schmalfeldt this is not a question of faith. For her, her work is not only a passion and a destiny, but a tool of her cognition. Her work challenges the viewer to follow the painter to the painting as an object and ultimately to understand it as a sign – ideally as one that only appears when the elements suddenly come together on the canvas, a new, unknown subject emerges, which means a visual experience for the recipient.

She regards the reduction of her works, for example of a human face to coloured spots or indeterminate shadows, as her typical stylistic device for expressing herself. The art prize winner sees herself as an aspiring artist who has discovered painting for herself in recent decades.

Schmalfeldt attended various courses and seminars before she completed her professional training at the Bad Reichenhall Art Academy in 2000. There she worked with Alex Bär, Andrea Rozorea, Luise Kloos, Alfred Darda, Robert Zielasco and Matthias Kroth.

Her painting is deliberately simple and clear, without much symbolism. Playful, witty and charming are her reduced figures, often group representations, which she creates in mixed media mostly on canvas. Anyone who tries to look for political traces in Schmalfeldt’s paintings as a viewer is mistaken. The artist has a private happiness at heart and avoids any criticism. Each unique piece is a complete thought.

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Exhibitions (excerpt)

2020 North German Art as a Guest in the Grauerort Fortress

2020 “Emotions” – Lüneburg


2019 International Art Exhibition FORM-A(R)T – Glinde

2018 Hamburg Gateway to the World

2018 KUNSTWERK / WORK ART – Reinbek

2017 AURAKURE – Hamburg

2017 Hamburg shows art – Stadtpark Hamburg

2016 ART Innsbruck – Innsbruck

Art Awards

2019 Palm Art Award – Recognition Price

2016 KITZ Award – Certificate of Excellence

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Short description

Gabriele Schmalfeldt considers the reduction of her works as her own stylistic device to express herself. The art award winner sees herself as an aspiring painter who has discovered art for herself in recent decades.

Company description

Inspire Art, an art gallery based in Dresden, which was founded in January 2005, looks back on very different projects, exhibitions and concepts, cooperation with universities and a charitable commitment. We make art a real experience for many people.


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