Arizona Garage Door Guru LLC Announces Its Automatic Garage Door Replacement Services

Arizona Garage Door Guru LLC Announces Its Automatic Garage Door Replacement Services

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Arizona Garage Door Guru Owner – James Lanham

Expert Garage Door Repair in Phoenix

Expert Garage Door Repair in Phoenix

Market Leader Arizona Garage Door Repair Guru

Market Leader Arizona Garage Door Repair Guru

The leading Phoenix, Arizona-based garage door repair company has stated that they are now offering to replace garage doors and even those termed as “smart.”

When your garage door breaks, The Guru is awake with 24 hour emergency garage door repair services. Thank you Arizonans for the many years of business and phenomenal reviews – we appreciate you.”

— — James Lanham AKA The Guru

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA, April 26, 2022 / — Arizona Garage Door Guru has formally announced that the company is providing a full suite of garage door replacement services. According to the company, the services include replacing regular, manual garage doors with automatic or so-called intelligent garage doors. In addition, they are also providing affordable garage door opener replacement for garage doors that have faulty openers.

Today, just about everything we use is labeled “smart.” Everything from smartphones to smart ovens and even smart toys. However, garage doors have become smart, too, giving homeowners the ability to remotely monitor their garage, open the door, and even sound the alarm. Taking advantage of the latest smart features means that homeowners will need to upgrade or, better yet, replace their existing garage door with a smart one. While it may sound simple, there is more to it than swapping out a few components. Garage door replacement is a time-consuming job requiring several steps performed a team of technicians.

The latest smart garage doors will also require a working internet connection, and users will need to download an app. However, once up and running, the garage doors function like most others, but arguably more conveniently, offering better security.

Arizona Garage Door Guru also provides regular garage door replacement. Generally, when a garage door becomes frustratingly unreliable, it is best to replace it with a new one. The cost of a garage door replacement project can vary, but in most cases, it will cost you about $350 to $600.

If the garage door is repaired, common items needing repair or replacement include springs, cables, rollers, and brackets. The parts range in price from $5 to $250. More expensive replacements may consist of a $180 to $280 torsion spring, an extension spring, or a new track.

To identify the problem, homeowners need to look for warning signs of breakdown or consistent wear. Some of the most common signs of wear are strange grinding noises each time the door is being operated. In some cases, owners may also notice metal filings on the floor or rust, which is a sure sign of trouble ahead.

The other point of failure is the sensors. Garage door sensors are an essential security feature, but they can fail. If homeowners cannot unlock the garage door, they may experience premature closing. Some other common problems include misalignment and electrical repairs. Damaged circuit boards may require a new sensor. Sensor repair can cost from $100 to $175. A new door sensor will require a new circuit board. Repairing a sensor can also lead to a safety concern, so a replacement is recommended.

People concerned about garage door safety should check out the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEIS) to learn more about the most common causes of garage door related injuries and failure. Hundreds of people are injured every year due to faulty garage door parts. However, most faults are easy to fix professionals.

People who have older doors will want to replace their older and unreliable garage doors with newer, more reliable models. Companies like Arizona Garage Door Guru specialize in garage door replacement.

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“At Arizona Garage Door Guru, we have replaced several dozen garage doors this year alone. Many of the doors were relatively new, maybe just a few years old. It is mostly people who want to switch to smart garage doors to take advantage of all the advanced features they offer. However, we have also replaced garage doors that failed before their time; the leading cause is improper maintenance.” Said one of the technicians at Arizona Garage Door Guru.

He added, “Preventive maintenance is a critical aspect of any garage door, as it keeps parts from rusting. One way to prevent this damage is replacing weather stripping and inspecting for cracks and missing parts. This preventive maintenance can keep your door components in better condition and increase your comfort level. In addition to preventing structural damage, regular maintenance will ensure that your door remains functional for many years to come.”

Greasing the garage door opener and rollers can also add years to the life of the components. Grease the rollers every six months to avoid the friction caused dust, dirt, and grit. Also, check the high-tension cables for signs of wear and damage. Rollers typically last seven years, but homeowners are advised to replace any worn rollers as soon as possible. Inspect the hinges and rollers frequently to ensure that they’re functioning properly and safely.

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Arizona Garage Door Guru LLC is one of the most reputed garage door repair companies specializing in installing and repairing garage doors of all types. The company is known for operating across Arizona and promises customers excellent customer service, 24/7 emergency services, and technical troubleshooting. AZ Garage Door Guru also provides garage door replacement and installation services.

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Germany - Amsterdam Aesthetics originally published at Germany - Amsterdam Aesthetics