6clicks leverages automation and AI to fuel growth for MSSPs

6clicks leverages automation and AI to fuel growth for MSSPs

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Michelle Torrey-Teunissen, Chief Revenue Officer, 6clicks – changing the worldwide GRC landscape working with business and advisors, MSPs and VARs.

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6clicks offers MSSPs a means to improve their service offering and aim for business growth in a growing managed security services industry.

MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, October 5, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — 6clicks leverages automation and AI to empower MSSPs to ride the growth wave in the managed security services market. The market is conducive to growth with the MSSP industry valued at USD 23 billion in 2021 and estimated to grow up to USD 43.7 billion by 2026. By using the 6clicks platform, MSSPs now have a reliable vehicle to drive business growth and take advantage of the growing demand for their services.

What does 6clicks offer?

Quite simply put, 6clicks offers a complete ecosystem for MSSPs to provide high-quality services to their clients. The 6clicks platform lets MSSPs extend their security offerings to comprehensive GRC implementation. It uses powerful automation and an AI engine called Hailey. The platform also has an in-built content library that further simplifies GRC implementation for the end customers. The massive content library is a repository of different templates for documentation, assessments, questionnaires, etc. It can be directly used as needed and also supports custom content that MSSPs can upload for use by their client.

6clicks further empowers MSSPs through their unique Hub & Spoke architecture that lets them manage GRC for multiple clients on a single platform. They get a single glass pane view to monitor the progress of GRC programs for different clients. This lets them take on more projects and service larger clients, improving their revenues.

How is the MSSP growth relevant now?

The trends suggest that the market for managed security services is poised for massive growth. Post Covid-19, the rise of remote work has resulted in new challenges for businesses. Cyber threats have also evolved with cyber attacks becoming more vicious and damaging. However, at the same time, skills shortages have left organisations in a fix. They simply don’t have enough people to carry out cybersecurity operations and keep up with the changing regulatory landscape.

Outsourcing GRC management and cybersecurity to MSSPs is practical and reliable, especially for organizations with smaller staff, even though large enterprises also benefit from this model. This has led to more and more organisations opting to employ the services of MSSPs which is contributing to the massive growth of this industry.

How can MSSPs ride the imminent growth wave?

There is a lot of noise around hyperautomation as a strategic technology trend. With MSSPs always on the lookout to improve their services while optimizing the available resources, hyperautomation seems to be the perfect technology that offers the potential for business growth. With AI-based cybersecurity solutions and GRC software promising to take MSSPs closer to hyperautomation, it should come as no surprise that these solutions are gaining popularity.

By using automation platforms such as 6clicks, MSSPs can realize the power of AI and new-age technologies to get a substantial edge over the competition. 6clicks has a dedicated partner program catered to the unique needs of MSSPs. For more information, get in touch with the 6clicks team and book a demo of the platform.

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