Algeria – GENERAL INFORMATION – Facts and Figures

Area: slightly less than 3.5 times the size of Texas

Population: 32,531,853 (July 2005 est.)

Ethnic groups
        Arab-Berber 99%

        European less than 1%         note: almost all Algerians are Berber in origin, not Arab; the minority who identify themselves as Berber live mostly in the mountainous region of Kabylie east of Algiers; the Berbers are also Muslim but identify with their Berber rather than Arab cultural heritage; Berbers have long agitated, sometimes violently, for autonomy; the government is unlikely to grant autonomy but has offered to begin sponsoring teaching Berber language in schools

Capital: Aljir, population 2,570,000

Largest Cities
        Oran – 600,000 

        Konstantina – 450,000         Anaba – 240,000        Beshar        In Salah        Uargla

Official Language

        Arabic (official)        French        Berber dialects 

        Sunni Muslim (state religion) 99%

        Christian and Jewish 1%

Political system: Republic 

GDP: purchasing power parity – $212,3 billion (2004 est.)  

GDP per head: purchasing power parity – $6,600 (2004 est.)

Annual growth: 1,22% (2005 est.)


GDP – composition by sector
        agriculture: 10,3%

        industry: 57.4%         services: 32.3% (2004 est.) 

Inflation: 3.1% (2004 est.)