X-Cash is the Innovative Privacy Centered Cryptocurrency Project

X-Cash is the Innovative Privacy Centered Cryptocurrency Project

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  • X-Cash Foundation is a no-ICO open-source blockchain project that aims to create innovations in the privacy coin space.
  • The community-driven project is based on an open-source protocol developed for Web 3.0 privacy.
  • X-Cash is listed on different exchange platforms and traded against BTC, LTC, ETH, and USDT.

X-Cash Foundation is a self-funded crypto project introduced in 2018 to create a privacy-centered crypto coin inherited from the cryptocurrency Monero. The project offers a new addition to the privacy coin space and will provide a toolbox for the upcoming stages of the web. The project is currently working on launching Sidechain Payments to make payment transactions on the X-Cash blockchain faster.

About X-Cash Foundation and its features
The community-driven open-source protocol aims to decentralize anonymous governance and offer privacy when required. Developed on the famous Monero, the project aims to introduce cutting-edge features in the private crypto space. 

The project is aimed to a reliable toolbox to manage the Web3.0 privacy with its three technological features as follows:

  1. Public or private transactions

X-Cash offers privacy flexibility (privacy when needed). Users can utilize the wallet on the blockchain to carry out public and private transactions at their discretion, ensuring anonymity and transparency when needed. These transactions also offer Privacy Swap and sign private and public transactions cryptographically.

  1. Delegated Proof-of-Private-Stake (dPoS)

It involves staking options where users can provide their vote through XCash staking and get rewarded. They also offer features like Randomized Block Producer Selection, where the forging delegate is selected at random using Verifiable Random Functions (VRF), ultimately delegate security.

  1. Sidechains

The project’s innovation is visible through its capacity to onboard user blockchain, and since the delegates host these blockchains, they are customizable, secure, and economical. In addition, these sidechains do not require any hardware. They have automated deployment eliminating extensive coding requirements and are highly customizable. Finally, they are also scalable and cost-effective.

The X-Cash project highlights
This unique open-source project is the non-profit organization X-Cash Foundation that manages X-Cash. It features the following highlights:

  • It is an open-source ‍project built dedicated contributors, and every project in the X-Cash is open to public contributions through GitHub.
  • The X-Cash Foundation assesses and evaluates proposed project ideas the X-Cash community to provide funding.
  • The X-Cash project is funded entirely the founding team without an ICO.

XCash coins allocation
X-Cash project is based on transparency, and hence, its allocation is verified every time with reserve-proofs. Despite being a private cryptocurrency, users can publicly track project spending.

The XCASH coins are the native currency essential for creating sidechains, smart contracts, and governance. The coins are essential for using different services and products offered the X-Cash blockchain. X-Cash is currently listed on multiple exchange platforms. Users can trade X-Cash coins against BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT, etc.

From the total X-Cash coin supply, 60% goes to mint, 14.2% to airdrop, 10% to XCash development, 5% to private investors fund and team rewards each, and 5.8% to contributor fund.

The open-source blockchain protocol, X-Cash Project, follows a technological vision of developing core components initially. The company is constantly trying to add and review technical solutions per community requirements and develop essential Web 3.0 framework parts. 

The project has introduced features like Delegated Proof-Of-Private-Stake, Flexprivacy, and wXCASH or wrapped XCASH ERC20 bridge for X-Cash. The developers are currently working on introducing Sidechain Payments for quick payment transactions on the X-Cash blockchain. The project will also introduce NFTs, sidechains, and smart contracts, in the future stages.

For more details on X-Cash, visit their website on:
Website: https://www.xcash.foundation/

Join the X-Cash community on:
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/4CAahnd
Twitter: https://twitter.com/XCashCrypto
Telegram: https://t.me/xcashglobal
GitHub: https://www.xcash.foundation/contribute#github-repo

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The post X-Cash is the Innovative Privacy Centered Cryptocurrency Project first appeared on Amsterdam Aesthetics.

France - Amsterdam Aesthetics originally published at France - Amsterdam Aesthetics