Travel to France Update – Guide, Travelling Tips & Paris Entry Requirements – No Tourist Health Pass

New Update on Travel to France 2022, Paris entry requirements, and French travelling guide. Tips for everything you need to know right now about travel Covid restrictions, the Health Pass, Vaccination Pass, and wearing masks are not required. France tourism is open.

France’s Covid Vaccine Pass Ends, No Health Pass (Pass Sanitaire) required for tourists, and No Masks.
We have some really great news for you about travel and tourisme in France! The French Covid 19 Health Pass and Vaccination Pass have been suspended. They’re no longer required. Let’s break it down. France has eased Covid travel restrictions. If you’ve been watching our recent videos, you’ve learned all about the France Health Pass and Vaccination Pass, and how important they were for your France traveling experience. Beginning March 14th, you no longer need the Vaccination Pass or Health Pass (Pass Sanitaire) to enjoy activities and move about freely. It’s only required within Health Care Facilities.

And better yet, masks are also no longer required in public places.

How to enter France? Want to know what it’s like visiting Paris right now?
There are still some requirements related to Covid for entering France. Here’s what you need to know. This information applies to travelers from the US (now on Green List), UK, and all countries on France’s Orange list. The great news is that, if you’re vaccinated, there are no entry restrictions. France recognizes the vaccinations approved the European Medications Agency. Your vaccination can’t be more than 9 months old. If you’re approaching 9 months, you’ll need to have a booster dose. Booster doses are available in France. You’ll also need to fill out 2 forms, one required the EU, and the other for travelers on France’s orange country list.

If you’re NOT vaccinated against Covid 19, you still need to provide a compelling reason for traveling, usually work or family related. Note that since March 13, 2022, the United States has been moved to the Green List. This means that the compelling reason restriction does not apply to travelers from the US. We’re including links below in these notes in case you want more details on anything about entering France.

If you have proof of vaccination, you’ll have no problem entering France, and you can enjoy all that this amazing country has to offer. The rules will probably be changing again in the near future, so please subscribe to our Youtube channel so you’ll continue to get all the updates. See You on the Road.

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