More than 2,500 companies created in Spain in 10 years

More than 2,500 companies created in Spain in 10 years

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Autonomos Pymes Asesoria Online SLP

Creating online companies

Creating online companies

Startup a business in Spain

Startup a business in Spain

Autonomos Pymes Asesoria Online SLP, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. During these ten years, more than 2,500 companies have been created in Spain.

MADRID, MADRID, SPAIN, May 5, 2022 / — How much does it cost to create a Limited Company?

Nowadays, creating an online company through the CIRCE telematic system has a very low cost. It must be taken into account that the incorporation fees of Notary and Commercial Registry are reduced, as long as the company is created with the minimum share capital, natural person partners and standard statutes.

Autonomos Pymes Asesoria Online S.L.P. maintains the same price of 290€ without VAT included, to create a limited liability company in Spain the telematic system, since 2012.

This price includes all the costs of the incorporation of the SL, so the answer to how much it costs to create a Limited Company is the same since 10 years ago.

High-quality professional advice

The creation of the company is carried out with an initial advice as extensive as necessary, and that quoting the Partner and Commercial Director of the company “seeks to offer to all entrepreneurs and self-employed a quality advice, not only to create an SL but even to anticipate possible future needs, adjusting the commercial, tax and labor aspects to the existing requirements”.

In addition, the creation of limited liability companies through the telematic platform takes between 1 and 3 days on average.

Is it necessary to contribute cash as share capital?

As indicated its Managing Partner: “two of the most used forms in the creation of companies, in terms of share capital contributions, are those made with uncredited money, i.e. without disbursing cash, and on the other hand the contributions of goods, such as computer equipment, communications, tools, etc.”.

Therefore, it is not necessary to contribute even €1 in cash as capital stock.

In addition, the bank certificate will not be necessary when the capital stock is made with non-cash contributions, thus speeding up the incorporation time of the company.

The best professional guarantee to create a company.

On the other hand, in this interview the great experience of Autonomos Pymes Asesoria Online SLP in the creation of companies for the last 10 years was highlighted, having created more than 2,500 companies throughout Spain.

This high volume of companies created is undoubtedly a factor of success of this Professional Society of Economists, and a guarantee for those entrepreneurs or self-employed who want to create their company.

Speed, experience and a very low cost of creating a company

Creating a company in 24 hours is undoubtedly possible, but if the cost of incorporation is also small, this is excellent news.

This is what Yolanda Dominguez pointed out in the interview: “The cost of incorporating your company is 290€ plus VAT. This amount includes all the expenses involved in the incorporation”.

In the expenses included in the constitution are:

* First request of name.

* Reduced fees of constitution of Notary and Mercantile Registry according to RDL 13/2010

* Census communications AEAT

* Autonomous and TGSS communications and professional advice.

This price to create a company is the one that Autonomo Pymes Asesoria Online SLP has been applying since the beginning of its activity as a Professional Company in 2012.

A Professional Company that adds value to the creation of companies in Spain.

Autonomos Pymes Asesoria Online SLP is a Professional Society of Economists that brings the value of its 10 years of existence and the experience of more than 2,500 companies created to each company that is constituted telematically.

Personalized attention, listening to the entrepreneur, the self-employed, to understand and meet their present and future needs when creating a company, speed and a cost of incorporation unchanged for 10 years, are part of the DNA of this Professional Society.

Of course, the services of Autonomos Pymes Asesoria Online SLP are not limited to the creation of a company, but also include tax, accounting and labor advice for small businesses and freelancers, being optional.

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The post More than 2,500 companies created in Spain in 10 years first appeared on Amsterdam Aesthetics.

France - Amsterdam Aesthetics originally published at France - Amsterdam Aesthetics