Gausium’s Strategic Product “Phantas” Debuted at Interclean Amsterdam

Gausium’s Strategic Product “Phantas” Debuted at Interclean Amsterdam

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Release Conference of Phantas

Gausium (Booth 07.112)

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, May 11, 2022 / — Gausium (alias “Gaussian Robotics”) rolled out its new autonomous floor cleaning robot “Phantas” on the first day of the Interclean Show at RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre. The product launch attracted a large audience of industry experts and professionals from around the world.

Peter Kwestro, Overseas BD Director of Gausium, presented the features of Phantas to the audience. According to him, Phantas is a strategic product of Gausium developed to positively disrupt the autonomous cleaning industry with its unrivaled technological advantages, unique design and affordability.

The Epitome of Hi-tech and Style

The robot is stylish at first glance. It has a rounded shape that delivers an instant touch of minimalism characterized smooth curves, clean lines and a monochromatic color scheme. The front surface of the shell is furnished with delicate textures of wavy stripes that spice up the overall design of simplicity.

In terms of software, Phantas is said to incorporate all sorts of Gausium’s latest technology breakthroughs. It carries the company’s new-generation SLAM engine that fuels its superior navigation capabilities. The robot will automatically map the surrounding environment upon initial deployment — no extra-human or tool assistance is needed. It adapts well to the changing layout of dynamic environment real-time localization and map updating.

Empowered deep-learning-based algorithms and trained with millions of real-world pictures, Phantas will constantly learn the landscape of the surrounding environment. It is able to identify different types of filth and obstacles and make advanced decision behaviors accordingly. For instance, when dealing with electric wires, it would drive around them instead of passing them over directly.

Phantas is developed to free up manpower and reduce human intervention to the greatest extent. It is paired with a workstation to enable autonomous power charging, water refill and discharge. In the meantime, with the user-friendly Gausium App, operators can control the floor cleaning via any smart mobile devices from anywhere, anytime.

Designed for Offices and Retail Stores

With a relatively small size, Phantas is designed for small- and medium- sized commercial facilities, particularly office buildings and retail stores. Despite its compactness, the robot is exceptionally comprehensive integrating 4 cleaning modes including scrubbing, sweeping, vacuuming and dust mopping. It delivers strong passibility and enables cleaning in tight spaces such as under-table areas. This, combined with its powerful edge cleaning capacity, guarantees maximum floor cleaning coverage.

Multi-robot collaboration can be achieved through the back-end cloud platform — only a few robots are required to complete the floor cleaning tasks of an entire office building. Meanwhile, with a low noise level, the robot features quiet operation, which makes it an ideal choice for noise-sensitive environments such as workspaces.

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The post Gausium’s Strategic Product “Phantas” Debuted at Interclean Amsterdam first appeared on Siver News.

The post Gausium’s Strategic Product “Phantas” Debuted at Interclean Amsterdam first appeared on Amsterdam Aesthetics.

France - Amsterdam Aesthetics originally published at France - Amsterdam Aesthetics