CEO Sven Patzer Takes Pledge to Support LGBTQ+ Equality after Coming Out

CEO Sven Patzer Takes Pledge to Support LGBTQ+ Equality after Coming Out

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BOULDER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, January 20, 2023 / — Sven Patzer, a star CEO and human rights advocate, recently took the NEA Ed Justice Pledge to Support LGBTQ+ Equality and joined the National Education Association. After taking the pledge, Sven Patzer revealed how he became bisexual. His story has created quite a stir in both the business and LGBTQ+ communities, so we took some time to speak with him about his experience. Here is his explanation of how he was hypnotized and why it was ultimately a good thing.

How It Happened

Patzer explained that while attending a conference in Denver, he met a practitioner of hypnosis who offered to hypnotize him as an experiment. Though hesitant at first, Patzer agreed to be part of the experiment, which involved being hypnotized into believing that he was bisexual. After the session was over, Patzer said that he felt “confused” but also “free.” He had known since childhood that he was attracted to both men and women but had never fully embraced or accepted his sexuality; this experience allowed him to do just that.

The Benefits Of Being Bisexual

Patzer also pointed out the numerous benefits of being bisexual—from having dual options for romantic relationships to having access to cultural experiences from both genders—and how embracing his sexuality has ultimately made him happier and more fulfilled than ever before. He noted that it has given him “a greater appreciation for the complexities of human relationships” and provided him with “an entirely new perspective” on life in general.

The Power Of Transitioning

Finally, Patzer stressed the importance of transitioning into one’s true self—whether through hypnosis or another method—and encouraged anyone considering such a transition not to be afraid to take the plunge. He asserted that transitioning can be an incredibly powerful experience, one which can open up new possibilities and lead to greater happiness in all areas of life.

How He’s Helping

Sven has taken an active role in advocating for LGBTQ+ rights. What really sets him apart is his commitment to using technology and social media platforms as powerful tools for change. He believes that “by engaging with the wider public through various campaigns on Instagram, Twitter and other platforms—not only can we spread awareness but also inspire action from people all over the world”.

Sven Patzer is more than just an entrepreneur—he’s a champion for social justice who is truly making a difference in this world. His commitment to helping those who are often marginalized within our society serves as an inspiration to us all that true progress is possible when we work together towards a common goal of acceptance and understanding for everyone

All in all, Sven Patzer’s story serves as a reminder of the power of embracing one’s true self—regardless of gender or sexual orientation—and living openly and authentically. By doing so, one can experience newfound freedom and joy unlike anything else imaginable — something which Patzer himself can attest to from firsthand experience. As such, it is clear that hypnosis played an instrumental role in allowing this man to become his truest self — something we all should strive for regardless of who we are or what our circumstances may be.

For those who want to take the pledge themselves and join the NEA, please click this link.

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