At 5% CAGR, Industrial Surfactants Market to Outstrip $ 12.6 Bn During 2022–30

At 5 CAGR Industrial Surfactants Market to Outstrip $ 126 Bn During 202230

Industrial Surfactants Market

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The global surfactants market is expected to increase 1.5X during the forecast period.

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 19, 2022 / — A recent report was published by Reports and Insights which provides extremely crucial and in-depth knowledge about the title “Industrial Surfactants Market: Opportunity Analysis and Future Assessment 2022-2030” this report enlightens the readers about the current dynamics of the market, its opportunities and challenges along with its future in the coming years. A synopsis of the market size and in-depth comprehension of the facts directed most meticulously and thoroughly for the development of the relevant market. Moreover, to make it more valuable for the readers, there is an extensive conceptual framework along with accurate information and some interesting graphical representation. The report further also aims to fulfil the essence of quantitative and qualitative synopsis which reflects upon the conceptual framework and pragmatic methodology of the market. According to Reports and Insights analysis, the global industrial surfactants market is estimated to be US$ 8.5 Bn in 2022. Furthermore, the industrial surfactants market to register a CAGR of 5.0% which is expected to result in market forecast value for 2030 as US$ 12.6 Bn.

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Surfactants are substances created by mixing liquid, gaseous, and other chemical substances with low surface tension. Because they can successfully get rid of germs and keep things clean, they are widely employed in domestic applications. Because of their efficiency and strength, they are utilized in the food and beverage, personal care, textile, and domestic industries. The main growth-promoting drivers are the rise in demand for personal care products and the quality of living of individuals. The household sector’s increasing need for cleaning products is expected to drive market expansion.

Industrial Surfactants Market Dynamics:

Industrial Surfactants Market Drivers

The domestic sector is predicted to increase surfactants demand due to its emulsifying, cleaning, and wetting characteristics. Furthermore, it is anticipated that consumers will seek more efficient products due to the increased demand for hygiene. These elements will probably support expansion in industrial surfactants market size the ensuing years.

Rise in Applications from Various Industries to Accelerate Market Growth

Applications for surfactants in the food and beverage, textile, and home care industries are growing quickly. Its efficacy and capacity for disinfection are predicted to boost its uptake. Sales should increase as a result of customers’ growing hygiene awareness. Demand for the product is also anticipated to increase due to its use as a component in hand wash, shampoo, cleaning supplies, detergent, and sanitizers.

It is employed in numerous industrial cleaning processes to eliminate grime, dust, and other contaminants. Sales of the product are anticipated to increase as hospitals and other medical facilities use it more frequently. Consumers in developing nations embrace cleaning chemicals due to rising per capita income and changing consumer lifestyles. These elements will probably encourage market expansion.

Industrial Surfactants Market Challenges

It is anticipated that shifting raw material prices and rise in environmental concerns may impede market development.
Many regional governments have enacted laws governing the use of resources and environmental protection.
Low raw material costs and technological restrictions on the mass production of petroleum products are expected to stifle industry growth during the foreseeable timeframe.

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Industrial Surfactants Market Opportunity

The increase in investments in research and development in emerging economies, rise in the standard of living, and awareness among people, expansion of agrochemical, pharmaceutical, and petroleum industries and consumption of surfactants in these industries will provide a huge platform for the Industrial Surfactants Market player.

Industrial Surfactants Market Trends

The international market for surfactants is fuelled by a number of well-known industry players. Most industry participants are adjusting to be present throughout the whole supply chain while still retaining a significant level of commercial interest. Due to variables including high consumer bargaining power, low threat from new rivals, low supplier bargaining power, low threat from alternatives, and high investment costs, and the market is extremely competitive. As a result, there is intense competition within the sector.

Industrial Surfactants Market Regional Outlook

Strong Personal Care Product Demand to Drive Asia Pacific Market Growth

Due to the increased demand for personal care and home care products from emerging economies, Asia Pacific is anticipated to represent the prime share of the global surfactants market in 2020 and in the years to come, it is anticipated to grow rapidly. In addition, it is anticipated that reduced manufacturing and labor costs will increase the production of the chemical compound. These elements could have an impact on how the market develops.

Industrial Surfactants Market Key Players

Nouryon, Evonik Industries AG, Kao Corporation, BASF SE, Stepan Company, Solvay, El Dupont De Nemours & Co., and Clariant AG are the major companies in the industrial surfactants market.

More than 65% of global industrial surfactant market share was held by the top four companies in 2014. This suggests that there is significant market consolidation. With more than 30% of the market, BASF-Cognis is the main participant. Following BASF are Akzo Nobel and Kao Corporation.

Industrial Surfactants Market Recent Developments

Evonik began constructing the first industrial-scale biosurfactants production facility in the world in January 2022. Shower gels and detergents use these biosurfactants as active components.

In March 2021, an agreement was reached between BASF SE, Allied Carbon Solutions Co. Ltd, and Holiferm Ltd for the expansion. The manufacturing and development of potential personal care, industrial formulators, and home care products will be made possible by this expansion for BASF. Additionally, it will strengthen their positions in the industries of bio-based and active surfactants.

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Industrial Surfactants Market Segmentation Outlook

By Type

Anionic Surfactants

Fatty alcohol ether sulfates

Fatty alcohol sulfates

Linear alkyl benzene



Non-ionic Surfactants

Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates (APE)

Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates (FAE)


Amphoteric Surfactants

Cationic Surfactants


By Origin

Synthetic Surfactants

Bio-based Surfactants


Chemically Synthesized Bio-based Surfactants

By Application


Food & Beverage

Home Care

Industrial & Institutional Cleaning

Oilfield Chemicals

Personal Care



By Geography

North America



Latin America

Middle East & Africa (MEA)

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