Art Tanja Playner, Mar de Redin, Rebeccah Klodt will be on display at the Biennale during the Cannes film festival

Art  Tanja Playner, Mar de Redin, Rebeccah Klodt will be on display at the Biennale during the Cannes film festival

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Art Tanja Playner

Art  Ase Fagervik

Art Ase Fagervik

Art  Mar de Redin

Art Mar de Redin

CANNES, FRANCE, May 18, 2022 / — On the Cote d’azur such artists as Picasso, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Matisse, Monet got their artistic inspiration. Artists like Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali shone among the celebrities at the Cannes Film Festival. Even today, the tradition of glitz and glamor has remained on the Cote d’azur. During the Cannes Film Festival 2022, MAMAG Modern Art Museum organized “Contemporary & Fine Art Cannes Biennale” in the Salon California of the Juliana Cannes Hotel. Visitors will have the opportunity to see artworks 94 artists at the Biennale on May 21 and 22, 2022. Melereien, prints, sculptures, photography and also digital art can be seen.

Curator Heinz Playner has selected for the Biennale in Cannes works 21st century artists such artists Tanja Playner, Ase Fagervik, Brenda R. Fernandez, Aneta Kvedaraviciene, Orit Sharbat, Bogdan Mihai Radu, Linda Gleitz, Maja Vukina Bogovic, Denisa Klemscheova, Monica Jimeno, Yvette Tardivel, Safranda Mammadova, Elisa Szymanski, Anne de Suede, Adriana Galetska, Alexander Dakers, Max Werner, Vera Kober, Gala Moskvitina, Aigerim Bektayeva, Almas Kabani, MONA Ballesteros, Rebeccah K. Klodt, Mar de Redin, Cynthia Nouhra, Paola Ismene Beretta, Heritier M. Bilaka, Kari Veastad, Sarah Rawlinson Beaven, Darcy Gerbarg, Rugovaj Stivi, Aparajita Sen, JoAnne Hook, Armen Sarvazyan, J.A. Fligel and other artists.

With over 2 million impressions for her posts, pop art artist Tanja Playner not only creates an exceptional presence in social media, but alongside Banksy she is one of the few living artists who have shown their art at the Musee du Louvre Paris and during the La Biennale in Venezia 2019 were present with their performance. The grandson of Ferdinand Porsche – Ernst Piech was also impressed her works of art and dedicated a solo exhibition to her. Also Ornella Muti has artwork of Tanja Playner in her own. In July 2017, Tanja Playner was ranked 11th out of more than 320,000 artists alongside Damien Hirst, Pablo Picasso, Jeff Koons, Gerhard Richter, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein among the top 300 artists worldwide on artnet.

The artist Elisa Szymanski shares her inner-world through art and living a vibrant, creative life has led her to create her most colourful pieces. She is particularly inspired her desire for space and independence, her inner strength, as well as the landscapes, architecture and people around her.

Nature is a key inspiration for Rebeccah K. Klodt; however, she is always quick to give credit to her three creative children, husband, and loyal pets for their valuable encouragement. She typically leaves her experimental abstract paintings untitled. Her works were shown in many international exhibitions.

Having lived in different countries, experienced different line of work, Cynthia Nouhra is a wanderer in the realm of reality in quest of its essence. Her professional journey starts collecting, as always being an eternal student, several diplomas different in form but complementary in its essence for the beauty of her quest.

Artworks Mar de Redin combine humorous depiction with fashion industry design, as well as a dash of childlike loving attitude. one has the feeling that the artist follows the statement of Pablo Picasso, who once said that he learned to paint all his life as a child. The artist Mar de Redin has retained the childlike imagination and has further developed it in her works of art in great elaborate works.

The inner freedom of the person is very important for the artist Aneta Kvedaraviciene, this is why her work is so energetic, the colours are used boldly, and you can clearly see the contrasts brought up for expressive work. In her paintings, she has positive thoughts, a desire to convey joy for the viewer. She is experimenting with acrylic confidently, often using several painting techniques.

Åse Fagervik is a visual artist, living and working in Trondheim, Norway. She is an intuitive painter where the inner landscape ends up on the canvas.
Brenda R. Fernández born in Mexico City in 1973. Studied Artistic Initiation at the National Institute of Fine Arts of México and then majored in Art at the University of the Cloister of Sor Juana. Also studied with Master Luis Nishizawa, in 1997, with whom she learned the handling of multiple painting techniques and procedures.

Nature and its diversity were always a constant presence in his life and in his artwork. Artist Bogdan Mihai Radu gradually evolved from a neoimpressionist artist to abstract expressionism playing with colors and discovering new techniques and artistic environments.

Linda Gleitz passionates about social justice for all people. She is currently exploring themes such as women’s rights, immigration and refugees, racial injustice and LGBT issues. She installed 150 ceramic birds at the Longmont Museum as a part of her “Capistrano” series and facilitated a collaborative project on the same topic at the Salud Medical Clinic in Longmont, CO. Her art can be seen in Cannes Biennale.

Orit Sharbat, Lives and works at Tel Aviv, Israel. Orit paints with great passion and intensity. The visual interpretation she gives to her source is manifested in a constant tension between figurative and abstract, reality and illusion, her intensive technique of drawing would like to explore and ask the question what is the layer that makes the reality illusion and brings illusion to reality with the representing the old and new worlds emerged continuously.

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