The Danish Parliament celebrates 100 years at Christiansborg Castle

The Danish Parliament celebrates 100 years at Christiansborg Castle

On 28 May 1918 – one hundred years ago – the first political meeting was held in The Chamber of the current Christiansborg Castle. The Danish Parliament celebrates the 100th anniversary with a variety of interesting activities throughout 2018.

The Danish Parliament celebrates 100 years at Christiansborg Castle

In 1884, Christiansborg Castle burned to the ground. In the spring of 1918, the remaking and renovation of the castle was completed, and the politicians of the Rigsdag moved into the castle. The opening of the third and current Christiansborg did not just mean more space for Danish politicians; it also marked the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Danish democracy. The political meeting on 28 May 1918 was the first meeting since the implementation of the new constitutional act of 1915. This constitutional act secured women’s right to vote and is the cornerstone of the Danish democracy we know today. 

This year, the Danish Parliament will celebrate how Denmark became a mature and modern democracy. Throughout 2018, the hundred years of democracy will be marked and celebrated in various ways. 

On 28 May, an exhibition with 50 political satirical drawings will be open to the public on the square in front of Christiansborg Castle. The exhibition has been created by satirical illustrator Claus Seidel and Ph.D.-fellow Hannibal Munk from The Museum of Danish Cartoon Art.  The exhibition depicts 100 years of Danish political history interpreted through the eyes of satirical illustrators and celebrates 100 years of democracy and freedom of speech.

During the fall of 2018, it will be possible to go on a guided tour with a special focus on the 100 years at Christiansborg Castle. Visitors will learn how a building can be folksy, unify the Danish Commonwealth, and support democratic values like broad-mindedness and freedom of speech. The guided tours will focus attention to central political incidents, significant female politicians throughout time, as well as look at how everyday-life within the walls of the Parliament has developed the last 100 years.

The celebration of the 100 years at Christiansborg castle will also appear on the Danish Parliament’s social media channels throughout the year. 

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