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March 29th Monday.

The list of countries in Europe that have extended entry travel restrictions till April: Finland, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom.

However, Denmark has now joined this list of countries. They extended the travel restrictions for those who do not have an essential purpose of entry to the country. For acceptable purposes of entry, travellers must show a negative test.

However, Sweden is set to reopen for entry from Denmark from March 31st.

According to a Data published RateGain, a travel technology provider has said that US travellers are not respecting quarantine and other state travel requirements. They have seen a considerable raise in travellers “on the road”.

Jetblue has launched Paisly, a travel booking site which suggests hotels, rental cars and other travel components for travellers after they have booked a flight with the carrier.

Fun Travel Fact: Did you know that Hamburg is the city of bridges? There are more bridges in Hamburg, than in Amsterdam and Venice combined — namely around 2,500. Also, did you also know that JoinMyTrip is headquartered in Hamburg.

Source: Times of India, Schengen Visa Info, Forbes, Business Travel News.

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