Denmark limits travel from all countries to try to check virus

Denmark limits travel from all countries to try to check virus

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Denmark will restrict travel from all countries from Jan. 9, and has advised against going abroad, to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, in particular the more transmissible mutations first found in Britain and South Africa.

The move follows a decision this week to further tighten an already stringent economic and social lockdown.

Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod told reporters on Friday that the travel measures were “a logical consequence of the domestic measures taken by the government in the last few days”.

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Danish authorities have so far found no trace of the South African coronavirus variant, but they estimate that the British variant will be the dominant one in Denmark by mid-February.

From Friday, entry to Denmark will be limited to people with a credible purpose and proof of a negative coronavirus test no older than 24 hours, Transport Minister Benny Engelbrecht told the news conference.

The travel restrictions will remain in place until at least Jan. 17.

Denmark Temporarily Bans From Entering Citizens of All Countries

Citizens of all countries have been banned from entering Denmark from January 9 until January 18, as part of the country’s efforts to prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, precisely due to the new mutation of the virus found in Britain and some other countries.

In addition, Denmark’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has urged all its citizens to avoid travelling to other countries due to the disease’s rapid spread, reports.

The latest announcement of Denmark’s authorities clarified that the whole world would be “sharpened from being orange to red.”

Denmark’s Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod has stressed that the new mutations of the Coronavirus pandemic, spread in several other countries pose a significant risk that Denmark’s infection rates may escalate.

The safety and security of Danes is the government’s priority. We can see the finish line. The vaccine is here. We must not stumble on the run-up stretch. Not least in the light of the new mutations, we will have to – all of us – make an extra effort. And today’s package of travel initiatives is an expression of that,” says Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod.

Recently Denmark announced plans to impose a digital ‘vaccine passport’ which would permit all vaccinated citizens against COVID-19 disease to travel to countries which oblige citizens to have such a document, in order to be able to enter these countries.

According to the Danish Health Ministry, the ‘vaccine passport will be rolled out in early 2021,” and all those vaccinated would be eligible to obtain the document through Denmark’s public health website.

Over 181,480 persons have contracted the Coronavirus disease in Denmark, up to this point while 1,570 persons have died, according to the figures published by Worldometers.

Based on the same source, the country faces a total of 26,351 COVID-19 cases, while 153,565 persons have been recovered from the pandemic, as yet.

Back in December, Denmark’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs introduced a new regional approach for travel guides for the EU countries, as well as those in the Schengen zone and Britain.

According to the ministry’s statement published back then, new recommendations imposed by Denmark’s health authorities took effect on December 12, to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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