WTF? Tico Times Do Better 😡 Costa Rica Feb.15th UPDATE

WTF? Tico Times Do Better 😡 Costa Rica Feb.15th UPDATE
WTF? Tico Times Do Better 😡 Costa Rica Feb.15th UPDATE

#TicoTimes #vaccinemandate #QRCode ‘WTF? Tico Times Do Better 😡 Costa Rica Feb.15th UPDATE’ Truthfully, I have no love for the Tico Times. Don’t know the Tico Times- it’s an English on-line ‘news’ source for expats (gringos) who live in Costa Rica. Let’s be honest, they exist for advertising but that’s fine (most do), that’s capitalism. But when the writers of articles also advertise on there, gets a little bit too much conflict of interest for me. whatever.

They put out something today that just hit me the wrong way. Sounds close to Pfizer propaganda to me but the bigger issue for me was they are being ingenious about what’s really doing on here in Costa Rica as far as them checking QR codes and whatnot.

The article in question-

Snippits from the article that I took issue with-

“One thing to note is that although you can be granted entry into Costa Rica in the absence of being fully vaccinated, without a QR code illustrating your proof of vaccination you are limited to where you can enter and what you can do in the country. Your list of activities can come to a standstill, taking you to the supermarket and grocery store, pharmacies, and the hospital. Probably not the Costa Rican dream vacation you were anticipating.”

“The list of establishments that will require you to show your QR is the majority of places, the non-essential venues in Costa Rica. This includes going out for meals at restaurants, food courts, and your local soda. Working out at the gym, shopping at commercial centers and stores, visiting museums, or want to enjoy a movie out at the cinema.

Bars, casinos, sporting events, or hall events, almost all outings will require you to scan your QR code. Even finding a place to stay if it isn’t friends or family members will have you showing your code to stay at a hotel.”

Final Thoughts

“Not all may agree with the mandate and the decisions of the Costa Rican government. However, if you are wanting to truly enjoy all that Costa Rica has to offer getting out and experiencing this amazing country, then you will want to make yourself aware, following through with Costa Rica’s QR code for proof of vaccination status.”

To me, there’s what’s written and what’s really taking place, she decided to only mention the former.

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