Tourist Covid Mandates in Costa Rica – Update on What we KNOW and DO NOT KNOW

Tourist Covid Mandates in Costa Rica – Update on What we KNOW and DO NOT KNOW
Tourist Covid Mandates in Costa Rica – Update on What we KNOW and DO NOT KNOW

We will have a LIVE Broadcast to discuss the Costa Rica Mandates for everyone, including tourists.

Costa Rica Covid Vaccine Mandate UPDATE – Will Tourist be Required to be Vaccinated?

In this “Living in Costa Rica” Live Broadcast, we’ll talk about an UPDATE to the recent news story about the Mandatory Covid Vaccine Requirements and try to determine… IS IT MANDATORY for Tourists or Residents ???

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More about this video:

Costa Rica is making it easy for people who choose or want to get vaccinated, however, they are NOT making it as easy for those who choose NOT to get vaccinated.

Matter of fact…they are going to make it so hard…that IF a Costa Rican does NOT get vaccinated, they can’t go anywhere except ESSENTIAL Businesses that provide essential services. i.e. Supermarket or the Pharmacy. What other essential services are allowed…they do NOT make that clear.

BUT the BIG QUESTION is… “Will Costa Rica make the COVID Vaccine mandatory for tourists or for foreigners who want to live in Costa Rica?”

Before we answer that question, it is important to realize that we believe in “The Freedom of Choice!”

If you want the COVID Vaccine…good for you!

If you DO NOT want the COVID Vaccine…good for you!

It is a personal choice and while Costa Rica has recently issued some COVID Vaccine Mandates, it is NOW affecting ALL OF Costa Rica???

Many people…even people who chose to get vaccinated do NOT believe anyone should be forced to get vaccinated or lose their job?

Costa Rica has announced a recent mandate for their public sector workers to get the COVID Vaccine, but what you probably didn’t hear about was the PRIOR COVID Mandate for all people who work in the health care industry or those who take care of the sick.

AND NOW…they want EVERYONE IN Costa Rica to get the COVID Vaccination.

We’ll discover more about the Costa Rica Covid Vaccine Mandate in this video!

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Thanks so much for watching and remember, Costa Rica is beautiful,
but like any place in the world…
you need to know, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Life’s Great…in Costa Rica !!!
Allen Rich

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