JULY 2021 MOVING TO COSTA RICA UPDATE | How to move to Costa Rica | Pura Vida

We’re moving to Costa Rica! This is the 5th episode in our Moving to Costa Rica Update Series and July has been another accomplished month for us. In this video, we are catching you up to date with where we are on our international move and what major items we crossed off our to-do list this month.

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Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
0:30 Moved to Austin, TX
0:55 We are Official, Costa Rica Resident Applicants
2:15 Bought our Plane Tickets to Costa Rica
2:39 Loaded our Shipping Container with our Household Items
3:33 Scheduled a “Health Pass” Appointment for the Cats
4:55 Sold our Truck
5:26 Had Final Health Check-ups, before our move
6:40 We spent time with Family and Friends and said our goodbyes
8:40 Worked on Blogging Money Life
10:08 Setup our Costa Rica Finances
12:22 Moved out of our house in San Antonio
13:29 Sold our remaining furniture

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