Costa Rica Tourism Minister Gustavo Segura Talks Tourism

Tourism Talk with Gustavo Segura – Costa Rica Tourism Minister

This week Casey sits down with none other Costa Rica very own Tourism Minister Senor Gustavo Segura.
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Gustavo Segura has served as Costa Rica’s Tourism Minister through perhaps THE most trying period in history. Prior, he worked a variety of roles in travel, consulting and private equity. 2 decades of experience prepared him for this fateful moment, where he stepped up and became, dare I say, one our finest tourism heroes.

So without further ado… Lets Talk Tourism!!

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00:45 How did you get into tourism!?
04:20 Why say YES to the Tourism Minister position during the crisis!?
07:40 What was the biggest handful of challenges in those early days?
18:00 How did you get more flights added that are coming to Costa Rica?
23:20 What do you think makes Costa Rica such a special place in the mind of the traveler?
27:20 What do you think is most misunderstood area of tourism between other political figures in Costa Rica?
32:20 What are the next tourism trends? Where does Costa Rica need to go moving forward?

Presented by Casey Halloran
Business Owner & Travel Industry Expert
The Namu Travel Group

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