Costa Rica March 2022 Roundup – News & Q’s with #CostaRicaMatt

Costa Rica March 2022 Roundup – News & Q’s with #CostaRicaMatt
Costa Rica March 2022 Roundup – News & Q’s with #CostaRicaMatt

This Costa Rica March 2022 Roundup is brought to you, as always, by #CostaRicaMatt, live from the Latitude 10 office in Playa Junquillal, Guanacaste Costa Rica.

That’s right, buckle up for another #CostaRicaChat !! Can you believe we’ve done 13 chats in a row in 2022, the longest-ever streak of content accomplished by a single Matt doing a weekly chat about Costa Rica real estate and moving to Costa Rica?

As always, because this is the last chat of the month, we’ll go over questions that viewers have submitted over March. Here’s what’s on the docket:

1) Costa Rica March news – politics & CONCACAF qualifiers
2) Car follow up questions – registering a car in Costa Rica, are Subarus good?, plus Doug’s top tip for making sure you can buy a car in Costa Rica
3) Is Uber available in Costa Rica?
4) How can you find land for sale in Costa Rica? Can Canadians have land rights?
5) What is the best way to transfer money to buy real estate in Costa Rica?
6) Costa Rica businesses for sale – why does no one talk about them or list them?
7) Does Costa Rica residency exempt you from paying U.S. taxes? Which statuses?
8) How to expats in Costa Rica file their U.S. taxes?

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