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Water Activities

KayakingWhitewater kayaking is a favorite sport and Costa Rica has hosted more than one international tournament. Ocean kayaking is also rapidly gaining devotees because just about anyone can handle it after a few lessons.


Surfers love Costa Rica! From anywhere in the country, the warm surf is only a few hours away. There are river mouth breaks, beach breaks, reef and, the experts say, one of the longest left hand curls in the world. Almost constant, manageable wave action means no long waits to hop on your board. There are lodges catering to surfers, 4-wheel-drive vehicles to access the most remote beaches – even charter airplanes to accommodation your board-. No wonder the surf magazines are targeting Costa Rica as a world surfing hot spot.

Sea kayaking

Good arms and a strong back will help you practice this sport. Offered up and down the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, sea kayaking is very popular. When the waves are rolling and easy, it provides a great way to travel quietly to estuaries and mangroves for up close and personal viewing of wildlife. And when the waves begin to pound, it provides exhilarating sport for those with a penchant for wet fun.

White-water raftingChurning along the white water while taking in breathtaking scenery is a popular tourist activity in Costa Rica. Whether you want to brave class V rapids or paddle with the family along smoothly flowing waters, the variety of options are staggering.
Virtually every destination in Costa Rica offers rafting expeditions on a number of rivers. Take advantage of the “wet” season and schedule your trip during the months of May through October when the rains bring the levels of the rivers up to adventure levels. Nothing compares with braving the world-class rapids while more..
 This world-class sport has not lost any of its impetus as it’s grown in popularity. Those with a penchant for speed and water will not be disappointed when they take on winds of 30 to 45 miles per hour on Arenal Lake. This man-made lake is found in the area of Tilarán. Framed by low green ridges, the blue lake is a Mecca for those with a need for speed.

Experienced local hotels and operators run their businesses on the lakeside and provide quality equipment as well as comfortable accommodation for those who don’t want to be too far away from the action. Lodges are more..

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