Best place to live in Costa Rica with a family?

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In EP01 we speak to Anastasia McCulloch about the best place to live in Costa Rica with a family and relocating to Costa Rica with a family. We learn more about her new home in Guanacaste and what her move was like going from the city of San Jose to living by the beach in Costa Rica.
Anastasia first came down to Costa Rica in 2009 from Raleigh, North Carolina and is now happily married with her a small son and lives in Guanacaste, in northern Costa Rica.

01:32 Intro with Anastasia
03:30 How does San Jose compare to living by the beach?
05:00 Was the reason for moving to the beach to do with your family?
07:30 What’s the expat community like where you are?
09:20 What’s it like living in Costa Rica?
11:40 What advice would you give to someone wanting to relocate to Costa Rica?
14:00 Does it help to rent first before moving?
14:50 What requirements might you need to move to Costa Rica?
16:50 What’s the cost of living in Costa Rica?
19:45 What does a two bedroom rental cost by the sea?
20:45 How do you get connected to find the best option?
22:10 Which areas are most suited to families in Costa Rica?
25:25 Its a good lifestyle for your son right!?
26:30 What is the Pura Vida lifestyle?
27:50 Was there a big cost difference in groceries from San Jose to the beach?
29:45 What do you wish you could have told yourself 12 years ago!?

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