NBOT Labs Implements All-Natural Water Management System

Summer 2021 – Before: using chemicals and aerators

Arapahoe Lake free of algae

Summer 2022 – After: using NBOT only

NBOT Labs has succesfully implemented its nanobubble technology to clean Lake Arapahoe.

Arapahoe is the healthiest lake in our region this year. The elimination of algae and increased water clarity is spectacular in my opinion.”

— Cole Peterson of CEM-Lake Management

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NBOT Labs Implements All-Natural Water Management System

NBOT Labs, a nanotechnology company focused on water safety, security, and sustainability, has announced the successful implementation of its patented water management system known as NBOT or “Nano-Bubble Oxidation Technology.” The NBOT system was installed at Arapahoe Lake in Colorado to mitigate the annual occurrence of harmful algae blooms and blue-green cyanobacteria, and to provide a real-time water quality management solution. This innovative, all-natural technology uses nanobubbles to deliver an ozonated gas mixture into the water column causing an advanced oxidation reaction and accelerated “hydroxyl radical” production. Hydroxyl radicals are 100,000 times stronger than chlorine for water treatment, yet completely safe for humans and marine life. NBOT’s hydroxyl radical generator quickly destroys algae, toxins and dangerous micro-organisms, while simultaneously increasing dissolved oxygen levels and improving the overall water quality. NBOT uses no chemicals or consumable products, and has no harmful effect on the environment.

The NBOT project was initiated on May 20, 2022, by the Arapahoe Lake No. One Association (HOA), and for the first time in ten (10) years, the lake has remained algae free for the entire summer. “Historically, our HOA has been unsuccessful in preventing algal blooms using chemical algaecides, aerators and diffusers, so the NBOT results are very exciting,” says Bill Imrie of the Arapahoe Lake HOA. “For years, our residents have complained about odors, water safety, and declining property values caused by algae proliferation, and after only a few months, it appears NBOT may be a solution to these problems.”

“Over the past 3 years, we have worked closely with various state and local government agencies on algae remediation projects; however, we see a huge opportunity in the private sector for more permanent NBOT installations at HOAs, clubs, and resorts as well as on farms for treating lagoons, drinking water, and irrigation systems,” says Steve Gareleck, co-founder of NBOT Labs. “Our company vision has always been to help mitigate a global water crisis, and each successful project gets us one step closer to our goal.”

“Arapahoe is the healthiest lake in our region this year,” according to Cole Peterson of CEM-Lake Management. “The elimination of algae and increased water clarity is spectacular in my opinion. NBOT gives us full control of the lake with the ability to manage nutrient levels and dissolved oxygen in real-time as part of a new algae prevention strategy. Further, our cost analysis shows NBOT is actually saving money for the HOA by eliminating the use of chemicals and reducing overall power consumption.”

Over the past 4 years, NBOT Labs has worked in close cooperation with the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) validating NBOT against thousands of water contaminants. NBOT’s ozonated gas mixture encapsulated in nano-bubbles has proven to be over one thousand (1,000) times more effective than ambient air or pure oxygen in hydroxyl radical generation and algae remediation.

About NBOT Labs

NBOT Labs was founded in 2018 in Charleston, South Carolina, and was issued a patent by the USTPO in February 2022 for its all-natural water treatment system. NBOT Labs has completed successful field trials in a wide variety of use cases from algae remediation and nutrient reduction on lakes and ponds to the treatment of wastewater, industrial effluent, lagoons, irrigation systems, and ballast water. NBOT will destroy algae, bacteria, and toxins both in fresh and saltwater and has shown to eliminate pesticides, antibiotics, and VOC’s in drinking water. NBOT Labs is now positioned for wider-scale adoption and larger-scale deployment given the commercial viability of NBOT installations such as Arapahoe Lake.


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