LetMeSpeak, the leading English language learning app, has partnered with Favela Inc

LetMeSpeak, the leading English language learning app, has partnered with Favela Inc

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The campaign is designed to enhance opportunities by helping women and vulnerable youth who live in Rocinha, Brazil’s largest low-income favela community.

ZUG, SWITZERLAND, December 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — LetMeSpeak, the leading English language learning app, has partnered with Favela Inc, to deliver a new socio-economic impact campaign for residents of Rochina, the largest favela in Brazil. The campaign is designed to enhance life opportunities by helping women and vulnerable youth who live in Rocinha, Brazil’s largest low-income favela community and not only to learn English but to earn rewards whilst learning too.

LetMeSpeak has pioneered incentivized language learning, finding that through the payment of rewards for learning, students are far more likely to successfully acquire new language skills. Working with Favela Inc, an initial group of 130 people, composed of single mothers, female entrepreneurs, and youth at risk of gang involvement, they will have the potential to earn USD $60 per month on the LetMeSpeak platform as they successfully complete the learning stages.

English language learning has been found to be especially effective in empowering the lives of women and young people who are too often left behind when it comes to further education, access to financing, and better job opportunities.

LetMeSpeak allows people to study at a comfortable pace and helps to make studying a habit through rewards that are designed to boost learning motivation when it’s most needed. All students are rewarded with the LSTARs in-game currency for completing stages in the learning process, and LSTARs can be exchanged for real money to be spent on day-to-day purchases. The Learn-and-Earn model is reshaping the language learning industry and addressing the key problem of online education – lack of motivation.

LetMeSpeak is ESG compliant and allows organizations around the world to distribute capital for philanthropic purposes efficiently and with measurable impact.

Alex Grebnev, CEO of LetMeSpeak:

“LetMeSpeak is an incredibly powerful change agent that has proven ability to help transform lives through incentivized English language learning. Research shows that improving English language skills can enable people to become financially self-sustainable and increase life opportunities, so we’re excited to see how our partnership with Favela Inc can bring real and life-long socio-economic impact to women and youth in one of the toughest social environments in the world.”

Adam, Founder & CEO of Favela Inc.:

“Favela Inc. serves a vital role as a builder of bridges between challenges and opportunities and we are always looking for partners that offer solutions that fortify the socio-economic resilience of low-income families. LetMeSpeak was the perfect fit, bringing a unique mix of linguistic education, technology, and financial incentives which together provide favela residents a unique opportunity to learn and earn, where normally they would have to choose between one or the other. Add to this, the integration of Favela Inc´s data-driven tech solutions and a dynamic network of highly competent, local NGOs to select and support students throughout the process and you have a project capable of truly improving people’s lives.”

Take the vision (a famous slang used in Rio)

Vision is a web-app idealized and designed by Favela Inc, coded by Favela programmers trained and managed by Vaina Web and Plataforma Impact, and financed by FAPERJ via the grant program, Favela Inteligente. Vision is a tech-for-good solution that makes it easy for small community-based NGOs to capture and analyze the data of the families they support and thus connect them to jobs, professional training, and to other development opportunities, like LetMeSpeak Scholarships.

In this first stage, four NGOs are participating in the project coordinated by Favela Inc. in Rocinha: Pedrinho Social, Raízes Culturais, The World is Mine (TWSM), and Centro Social Educação e Cultura da Rocinha (CSECR). They aided in the selection process and provide local support throughout the process to more than 100 scholarship holders, mostly women, and single mothers.

The kick-off of the program took place in a training session held at the Parque da Rocinha Library, on 5 November 2022, where participants were able to learn about LetMeSpeak, Web3, digital currencies, and their role in promoting financial inclusion.

When learning English with LetMeSpeak, after each successfully completed exercise learners earn LSTARs in-game currency, which is convertible to USDC (USD Coins, a digital equivalent of USD) and can be transferred to the learners’ bank accounts in Brazilian Reais. Learners can earn up to R$300 per month for their English learning efforts depending on how often they utilize the app. If they were learning English at a language school, they would be paying around R$350 instead.

Students can exchange information about their daily progress, share photos, ask for help with lessons, indicate solutions for application failures, and share what they are doing with the money they received on WhatsApp. Some of the students are self-organizing together to create study groups to learn and share how they plan to spend their in-game currency, or apply what they learn and earn in their business.

“I never have time to study, because I have two jobs, but thankfully I have been able to study while I am traveling on public transport and when I get home” Sheila, a current student learning English with LetM.

English is spoken by 13% of the world’s population, and in addition to opening professional doors, familiarity with the language allows women in Rocinha to dream of better opportunities, travel, study further and grow their businesses.

Notes to editors:

About LetMeSpeak

LetMeSpeak has taken a high-quality Web2 language learning product and transformed it into an even more engaging Web3 experience (available on the internet and via an Android and iOS app). The unique format of learning English with a new motivation system, learn-and-earn, allows people to learn a language and motivates them to continue their education using rewards that can be exchanged for real money. To learn more: www.letmespeak.org

About Favela Inc

Favela Inc is a non-profit organization that develops spaces, technology, and incubation programs that accelerate innovation and socio-economic impact locally, so that favela residents and organizations can achieve long-term self-sustainability. To learn more: www.favelainc.org

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