Apply Brazil Tourist Visa || Netherlands opening visa from 01 JUL 21

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Visa form will be online filled

Visa Fees – INR 6400


Documents required:

1. Original passport, valid for at least six months from the intended date of arrival in Brazil. The passport must be signed and have at least 2 blank visa pages. (Please note: soiled, damaged or defaced passports will not be accepted. Obtain a new passport if your current one does not meet such criteria.)

2. Old passport, when available.

3. One recent photo, size 4cm x 5cm, in colour, front view, white background.

4. Demand Draft valid for 3 months

5. Proof of an employment contract/work in India. If student, the proof of work should be replaced by a proof of school or university enrolment and attendance. If the applicant is retired, provide proof of retirement and/or pension payment slip. SIMPLE COPIES OR COMPUTER SCANS OF SUCH DOCUMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

6. Print out of hotel reservation in Brazil. When visiting relatives/ friends who reside in Brazil, present a notarized invitation letter from a Brazilian citizen, or foreigner with residence permit in Brazil, assuring the responsibility for housing and related expenses during the guest’s stay in Brazil.

7. Proof of financial status and/or means of support during the applicant’s stay in Brazil: – Bank and/or credit card statements for the last three months; and – Evidence of applicant’s employment and leave. Bank statements need to be stamped and signed by Branch manager (manager id required on the stamp). SIMPLE COPIES OR COMPUTER SCANS OF SUCH DOCUMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.


1) Online visa application form

2) Passport original and copy (signed, valid up to the end of the trip to Brazil, at least 2 blank pages)

3) Proof of financial capability (including, but not limited to, bank statements of the past three months, signed by the branch manager, with his/her signature attested by a notary public)

4) Passport-style photo compliant with ICAO requirements taken in the last 6 months

5) Flight tickets (purchased ticket showing entrance into and exit from Brazil)

6) Payment of applicable consular fees by deposit/bank transfer. Deposits/transfers that do not show the applicant’s name in the Consulate’s account will be disregarded and will not be refunded

7) Personal cover letter with relevant information about the applicant and the intended trip

8) Proof of stay (hotel reservation)

9) Invitation letter (the signature must be attested by a notary public) and authenticated copy of photo ID of the inviting person

10) Proof of address (such as utility bills) for the past 12 months. If the applicant is a minor, the document can be in the name of a parent

11) Minors: Visa Authorization Form

Method of payment of Visa Fees

The applicant’s NAME must show up in the Embassy’s bank account. The bank transfer should be made directly from the applicant’s own personal bank account, not from the agent’s account or another third party’s account. Any transfer or deposit method that does not indicate the applicant’s NAME in the Embassy’s bank account cannot be accepted for the payment of consular fees. If any credit is made without the identification of the applicant by NAME, the service will not be performed and the amount cannot be refunded.

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