A New Geolocation Player Enters the Arena

A New Geolocation Player Enters the Arena

NMaps Platform

Geolocation and Maps For All

Geolocation and Maps For All

NMaps offers a new and competitive geolocation and maps platform that promises to stir up the market.

Ultimately it’s our solid structure that gives us the power to assure you that our solutions will be easy to integrate and cost you 50% of your current provider service costs.”

— João Neto, Chairman & CEO of NDrive

PORTO, PORTUGAL, January 2, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — NDrive is a mapping and navigation software company with 21 years of experience. They have worked with renowned companies in multiple industries such as Mobile providers and Car manufacturers, while also maintaining a continuous presence in the Mobile App Industry. They are in no way a big company, but are nonetheless one of the few independent developers and providers of state-of-the-art navigation software for multiple platforms, and they’ve been doing it for a long time.

NMaps is their new product. It provides geocoding, routing APIs and dynamic maps, basically offering all the tools and support that businesses have grown to depend on in terms of Geolocation data.

Who is it for?

In this digital age, pretty much any business. NMaps allows the tailoring of geo information to any company’s daily operations. Weather info, road conditions, fleet location and brick-and mortar business details are among the growing possibilities at display. Real estate, transportation, logistics, basically any business that benefits from mapping, navigation directions, fleet management and geolocation intelligence may very well find NDrive an interesting business partner.

Why NMaps?

NDrive has shown expertise, experience and flexibility. Skills built from dozens of different B2B projects throughout the years. The move from a navigation centered business model, to a larger Location based one opens possibilities in new and diverse business areas where location data based decisions are extremely important.

It’s those same skills that make the most compelling arguments for NMaps. Unlike other providers, they offer solutions both Self-Hosted and Cloud-Based while maintaining the ability to work with different Map Providers, and perhaps the most compelling argument of them all, they are guaranteeing to do it for half the costs.

Rui Assunção
NDrive Navigation Systems SA
[email protected]

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