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Wednesday, 23 March 2016
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Between 23 and 24 March, President Mauricio Macri received his United States counterpart, Barack Obama, at the Argentine Government House. The Argentine Republic and the United States of America maintain bilateral relations built on common values, principles and interests. This is the first visit by a US President to Argentina in almost twenty years, and it undeniably marks an important milestone in the strengthening of bilateral relations between the two countries.

The Argentine Government, strongly committed to the respect for human rights, was thankful for the announcement by the US Government that it would declassify documents prepared by the latter in connection with Argentina between 1 January 1975 and 31 December 1983. This will contribute to shed light on the fate of the victims of the last military dictatorship, which may be useful for pending court proceedings.

Both Presidents agreed on the need to strengthen relations in the fields of science, technology, health, education, and defence. In addition, the fight against drug trafficking was recognized as a priority by both countries, which decided to work as partners on this issue, strengthening collaboration at the bilateral and multilateral levels through coaching and training. They will also share experiences in detoxification treatments and drug addiction prevention.

Argentina and the United States agreed that terrorism represents one of the main threats in today’s world. The two countries agreed to share information and “good practices” and entered into specific agreements on this subject. Argentina undertook to increase its participation in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations. In turn, the United States agreed to support this process by providing staff training and equipment. In addition, Argentina will provide direct support to the UN political mission in Colombia jointly with the United States.

The two countries also issued a Joint Declaration renewing their support for the Organization of American States and the Inter-American Human Rights System, while recognizing the importance of the Democratic Charter.

The United States expressed its intention to eliminate consular interviews with Argentine citizens below the age of 16 and above the age of 65 who apply for visas. In turn, Argentina undertook to eliminate the reciprocity fee that American tourists must pay in order to travel to Argentina, starting a process aimed at possibly deciding to reincorporate Argentina into the Visa Waiver Programme in the future.

A series of agreements were entered into with a view to strengthening economic and trade cooperation, as well as promoting investments. Argentina expressed its satisfaction with the progress made in terms of access by Argentine products to the US market, particularly fresh beef, expecting that further progress will be made in connection with the opening of the US market to lemons and sweet citrus fruit. The recognition given to Argentine biofuels production was also valued, as well as the will to continue supplying the US market.

With respect to the fight against climate change, the two Governments have made a commitment to sign and adhere to the Paris Agreement as soon as possible. Moreover, Argentina and the United States reaffirmed their commitment to adopt an amendment to the Montreal Protocol for an HFC phase-down in 2016, stressing the need to support industrial restructuring and access to financing. Both countries will cooperate to increase the use of renewable energies. Finally, Argentina and the United States stated that they share a profound concern for marine preservation.

We would like to highlight the warmth and empathy felt during the Presidential meeting and during all other contacts between both delegations, which facilitated the achievements of the visit and further boost optimism in the two countries about the future of the relationship.

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Argentina - Floridas News originally published at Argentina - Floridas News