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Friday, 02 December 2016
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With regard to the press release issued by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) in relation to the case of Milagro Sala, the Argentine Government states as follows:

-The Argentine Government takes note of the statements made in that press release and, as has been the case with the opinion issued by the Working Group of the United Nations Human Rights Council, its contents will be immediately notified to the courts for the Province of Jujuy in order for them to be duly informed and take any appropriate steps.

-As that Working Group was informed, the Argentine Republic has taken all the measures available to it under the applicable constitutional rules and consistent with the specificities of a Federal State. The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights also has the information sent to the Working Group, containing the elements provided by the Courts for Jujuy on this case.

-Argentina, as indicated in the IACHR press release, reaffirms its historical commitment to the Inter-American System on Human Rights, as well as its willingness to continue working with International Organizations in order to make progress on the exchange of information and the resolution of disputes. In this context, it is confident that the Commission will accept its invitation to visit Argentina and, in particular, Jujuy so that its members may come into direct contact with the various social, political and judicial actors and sectors in that province connected with the case of Ms. Sala.

Press Release No. 420/16

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Argentina - Floridas News originally published at Argentina - Floridas News