Negril Jamaica 7 Mile Beach Walk 2 of 5 – Negril Jamaica Tourist Vidia Project

This is a 9 part video series showing fully annotated views of a walk by all of the enterprises to be found within the most tourist-active 3.5 miles of Negril’s world-famous 7 mile beach area. These 5 videos are of a beach walk and the other 4 show each side of a walk on the road parallel to the beach.

These 9 videos were created by the Negril Jamaica Vidia Project for our comprehensive video encyclopedia – directory website that visually portrays the whole town of town of Negril. This Vidia website (“Vidia” is the Latin word for “to see”), which has tons of photos and videos of almost everything “tourist” in Negril, can be found at –

Here in this particular 5 part segment (of the 9 video series) we show all of the enterprises that you will see as you walk along this great open beach. It starts at the first resort located about 1/2 mile north of downtown Negril and proceeds all the way to the last boutique resort just before the all-inclusives begin.

This 3.5 miles is Negril’s most tourist popular beach area and many folks can be found swimming, sunning and / or strolling along it every day.

Pedestrian tourists are welcomed and encouraged by all of this area’s boutique enterprises to come in off of the beach to explore their grounds. These business’s owners want the tourists to stop in and browse around, dine & drink, visit their gift shops and / or just chat with other tourists and the colorful locals that are there. They all feel that this is a very good form of public relations and advertising for them because they know that some of these visiting tourists will come back to stay at their places in the future or they might tell their friends good things about them.

There are also many colorful micro-businesses all along this section of the beach where tourists can buy inexpensive food & drink, unique arts, crafts & souvenirs and / or travel gifts and clothing. Here vendors also walk the beach peddling newspapers, fruit, patties, cotton candy and all kinds of trinkets. Meeting these beach vendors is when the tourists get to see the real Jamaica’s industrious, hard working, entrepreneurial people.

Last but not least, there are quite a few interesting beach bars along this stretch in which tourists may lounge the day away while feasting their eyes on a great variety of male and female eye-candy.

This 3.5 miles of beach is also the area where a lot of Negril’s night-time reggae party action takes place. Clubs and entertainment centers like Alfred’s, Bourbon Beach. Roots Bamboo, the Sea Wind and Margaritaville have something special going on here nearly every night of the week, just for the tourists.

There is also another 3.5 miles of beach further north (to finish up Negril’s 7 mile of open beach) that we have not video recorded because that area is mostly occupied by Negril’s big all-inclusive resorts and is not much traversed by anyone but their own patrons. This is where most of the swimsuit optional beaches are located.

This 9 video series is our effort to show potential tourists exactly what they will encounter when they visit or vacation in this section of Negril. It is also a way for us “old salts” who’ve been down to Negril a time or two or three and have really enjoyed its amazingly relaxing “vibe”, to reminisce. These walk-by videos will bring back memories for us which will remind us of the many good times that we’ve had in Negril.

We recorded all 9 of these amateur videos with a small, handheld 10 mega-pixel video camera as we were walking casually along the beach and on each side of Norman Manley Blvd (this is the name of the road that parallels this 3.5 mile strip of land and beach). We just stopped every 50 yards or so and took 180 degree shots that covered all of the area of our walk.

Back home, we edited them, butting each shot together but stripping off repetitive overlays on each clip’s ends. Then we annotated them with each boutique resort’s and restaurant’s name as they come and go from view and we put them all to some original reggae music (which we purchased for this purpose from Frank the trumpeter of the Alfred’s Ocean Palace Band). We finished by segmenting all them into the 9 final videos of the series with each of them limited to 5 to 7 minutes.

If anyone viewing these videos wants us to annotate an enterprise that we may have missed, we will be happy to do so. There are so many little ones located throughout this area that we probably missed a few of them. Just e-mail us with information about its location and we’ll annotate them immediately.

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