Guardian Platform Builds Cryptocurrency Project Dashboard for All Projects

Guardian Platform Builds Cryptocurrency Project Dashboard for All Projects

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Guardian Plartform’s official logo

Guardian Platform's Stage 5 Project Data Dashboard levels 1-5 and Max

Guardian Plartform’s Stage 5

Guardian Platform's Stage 5 Project Data Dashboard levels 1-5 and Max, plus gold capital letter H for Herald Announcement Board's logo

Stage 5, plus Herald Project Announcement Board

Guardian Platform’s goal is to empower crypto and digital asset users with a data-rich environment so that their research and analysis can help them make more informed decisions.”

— Frank Roark, Guardian Platform’s Project Manager

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE, U.S.A., September 13, 2022 / — Guardian Platform, an emerging ERC20 token and innovative cryptocurrency project, is in the final stages of developing and launching its “Stage 5” project data dashboard. Stage 5 is a critical component of the Guardian Platform ( as it integrates multiple project and user-focused components into a single user interface.

The digital asset industry continues to grow at an amazing pace across all industry sectors. Hundreds of young and growing projects are working diligently within these sectors to develop innovative solutions and utilities.

There are a handful of existing data platforms within the space that gained popularity during the early years of crypto, but they perform listing services based on the financial performance of assets already launched. According to Guardian Platform’s global surveys launched during Q2, users desire more than just financial performance data to make informed decisions. Survey results indicate that the majority of crypto enthusiasts want project information as early as possible within a project’s lifecycle, even before the project launches a digital asset onto an exchange. Current platforms will not provide information about projects before they launch onto exchanges. Many platforms will not list a project for public viewing until it achieves a specific price or volume metric based on some obscure formula they’ve created (but not fully explained). This leaves newly forming projects at a severe disadvantage while limiting the public’s access to information and data. Guardian’s stance is to provide all information that projects want to release and let the public determine the value of that information based on their own strategies and research.

Guardian Platform’s Stage 5 project dashboard provides projects with an online space to provide more information about their projects. The information on Stage 5 is 100% project provided. More than 70 data fields can be used by project administrators to share project description, blockchain information, exchange data, social accounts, tokenomics, taxes, artifact documents (whitepapers and technical roadmaps), liquidity pool locks, recommended slippage, KYC, audits, and NFT information. Guardian Platform is also integrating Herald (official project announcement board) and BrainStem (video library focused only on cryptocurrencies and digital assets) into Stage 5. This comprehensive collection of project-specific data is unmatched within the industry, and users have clearly indicated a demand for more information.

Within the Stage 5 initiative, projects advance through five stages of data delivery and the public’s accessibility to their project’s information. Stage achievement icons are awarded and displayed so users can quickly identify the level of a project’s information delivery. A Stage 1 project is a newly formed project that has only provided basic information, whereas a Stage 5 project has shared a considerable amount of information across all five segments.

Projects that maximize their provision of data (populating at least 95% of the data fields) earn the highly coveted “Stage Max” logo.

Global industries utilize a similar maturity model that focuses on organizational process maturity. The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) framework was developed by Carnegie Mellon University and is recognized as a global standard of excellence. CMMI promotes the effective streamlining of services, evaluating and improving processes, proactively inspecting quality management practices, and the incorporation of an active risk mitigation posture (to name just a few). Organizations are appraised by certified CMMI appraisers and earn a CMMI maturity rating (1-5) based on the results of their appraisal. Guardian Platform’s enterprise team includes industry professionals who have executed the highest CMMI maturity appraisals for both Development and Services. Guardian Platform’s Stage 5 initiative adopts a similar model but instead focuses on a project’s provision and dissemination of project data.

“There’s plenty of data on projects within this space” says Frank Roark, Guardian Platform’s Project Manager. “Users are forced to scour the internet on dozens of different sites which results in a diluted and sometimes misinterpreted understanding of a project. Guardian Platform is creating the space where all project information can be presented by projects directly to users in one single location.” Guardian Platform’s goal is to empower crypto and digital asset users with a data-rich environment so that their research and analysis can help them make more informed decisions.

During a recent interview with world-renowned financial media giant Benzinga, Kristen Mader, Guardian Platform’s Enterprise Manager, said “The components we are building will allow projects to more easily communicate information to users.” Kristen and the rest of the team have spent considerable time analyzing the results of the Cryptocurrency & Digital Asset Survey to understand where improvements can be made. “We dig a little deeper, and it gives us a better idea of what folks want moving forward.”

Guardian Platform is currently beta testing its Stage 5 project dashboard following significant phases of requirements analysis, design, and development. Other emerging projects such as ArchAngel Token ( and Sharity ( are assisting with beta testing and UI refinement. “We’re very excited to offer Guardian Platform’s Stage 5 project dashboard to our industry” says Roark. “Every legitimate project in this space wants others to know about their work, and the current platforms within this space don’t provide users with a comprehensive picture. Focusing on current financials, transaction counts, or social media followers does not provide all the information needed to make investment decisions. People need the full picture directly from the projects without industry determining what is or is not important, and that’s exactly what Guardian Platform is going to provide with our Stage 5 project dashboard feature.”

About the Guardian Platform: Guardian Platform ( is building a resource-rich online environment where cryptocurrency and digital asset users can create, execute, and manage their financial strategies from start to finish within a single integrated platform. Guardian Token is an ERC20 token available on Uniswap. Please visit our website for more information. Inquiries about the Guardian Platform can be delivered via email to [email protected].

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