Faurie: “We are supplementary fora seeking association”

Faurie We are supplementary fora seeking association

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Monday, 03 July 2017
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“In a context in which some favour protectionism and unilateralism, two major economic blocs choose to integrate their production chains,” stated Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie today, alongside his counterparts from Mercosur and the EU Commissioner for Trade, Cecilia Malmström, at the meeting “Free trade as a motor of growth: Future EU-Mercosur Agreement”.

Faurie confirmed that MERCOSUR and the EU share the goal of a trade policy based on values that promotes sustainable, free and fair development founded on clear rules. “We are two major supplementary fora seeking association to leverage our resources,” he stated.

“Our past has taught us not only that inflexibility carries a cost for our regions, but also that cooperation is still a possibility. We are concerned about protectionism and must therefore provide a clear answer,” he stated.

According to Faurie, Argentina devoted itself to building “walls” for 12 years, which it now seeks to bring down. “The timing could not be better. In the next five months, considerable efforts will have to be made in order to reach an agreement with the EU. We must engage in dialogue and create a new and improved reality. It is important not to create further barriers,” he added.

Before a full auditorium at the Casa de América in Madrid, the Head of Argentine Diplomacy stated that the MERCOSUR-EU agreement strengthens the vision and commitment of both blocs towards the promotion of global trade and regional integration as tools for growth and mutual development, always for the benefit of the peoples.

In a more detailed explanation, Faurie stated that “the agreement will expand markets by creating economies of scale and global value chains, fostering competitiveness and generating new jobs, wealth and opportunities. It will also introduce favourable changes into the production structure by lowering the cost of inputs and capital goods.”

To conclude, the head of the Palacio San Martín mentioned that MERCOSUR has shown clear signs of commitment during the last year and a half, with concrete proposals and always willing to engage in dialogue. “We expect the agreement to offer far-reaching advantages to our bloc, such as new trade, investment, cooperation and technological flows from the EU.”

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Argentina - Floridas News originally published at Argentina - Floridas News