Argentine squad for Scotland 2022-Pumas 34-31 Scotland

Argentine squad for Scotland 2022 Pumas 34 31 Scotland

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Argentina Squad for Scotland Series 2022: The Pumas wrapped the 2-1 series victory with a dramatic final win in the third test
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The Pumas filled a victory in the 2-1 series with a dramatic late victory during the third test

Argentina Squad for Scotland Series 2022

A late essay by Emiliano Boffelli sealed a spectacular 34-31 victory for Argentina on Scotland at Santiago del Estero-and 2-1 Win test Series.

It was a very entertaining match, with eight tests marked in everything, but it was Boffelli’s late contribution which turned out to be decisive.

The winger scored 19 points in all, converting his essay as well as those of Santiago Carreras, Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro and Gonzalo Bertranou and cutting two penalties.

Scotland looked at control after Ewan Ashman and Duhan Van der Merwe marked their second trials at the start of the second half, but the tourists could not close the match and Boffelli had the last word.

Argentine team to play Scotland – Saturday July 16

Juan Cruz Mallia; Bautista Delguy, Matias Orlando, Matias Moroni, Emiliano Boffelli; Santiago Carreras, Lautaro Bazan Velez; Thomas Gallo, Agustin Creevy, Joel Sclavi, Guido Petti, Tomas Lavanini, Pablo Matera, Santiago Grondona, Facundo Isa.

Replacements: Ignacio Ruiz, Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro, Francisco Gomez Kodela, Marcos Kremer, Juan Martin Gonzalez Samso, Gonzalo Bertranou, Tomas Albornoz, Lucio Cinti.

Second test – Argentina 6-29 Scotland

The historic three test series between Argentina and Scotland will be decided in the third match next weekend after the Pumas failed to rely on their 1-0 advantage in Salta.

They lost 29-6 against Scotland during the second test; They conceded four tests and could not score a single point in the second period.

The Pumas had opportunities and spent several periods to camp in the Scottish 22, but were not exact enough to count it on the dashboard.

Guido Petti crossed, but his test was excluded for a front pass earlier in the movement while Santiago Carreras and Emiliano Boffelli both lost the ball in the tackle while they were heading for the line.

Argentine team to play Scotland – Saturday July 9

Emiliano Boffelli; Santiago Cordero, Matias Orlando, Jeronimo de la Fuente, Juan Imhoff; Santiago Carreras, Gonzalo Bertranou; Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro, Julian Montoya, Francisco Gomez Kodela, Guido Petti, Matias Alemanno, Juan Martin Gonzalez, Marcos Kremer, Rodrigo Bruni.

Replacements: Agustin Creevy, Mayco Vivas, Joel Sclavi, Lucas Paulos, Facundo Isa, Felipe Ezcurra, Domingo Miotti, Matias Moroni.

First test – Argentina 26-18 Scotland

Argentina has opened an advance of 1-0 in the three test series against Scotland B

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