Argentina and Qatar hold the First Meeting of Bilateral Political Consultations in Doha

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Friday, 19 May 2017
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The Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs of the Argentine Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Gustavo Zlauvinen, met with the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Qatar, Ambassador Ahmad Hassan Al-Hammadi, with whom he held the First Meeting of Bilateral Political Consultations between Argentina and Qatar in Doha, capital of the Arab country.

Ambassadors Zlauvinen and Al-Hammadi underscored their satisfaction at the excellent state of bilateral relations evidenced by the constant flow of trips and visits by high-ranking officials, such as the visit to Buenos Aires by the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, in July 2016; the private visit by President Macri to Doha in September of that year, and the official visit by Vicepresident Gabriela Michetti to Qatar in November 2016.

Both ambassadors reviewed different significant aspects of the bilateral relationship, highlighting the importance of expanding and strengthening cooperation and initiatives in areas such as air transport, energy, education and culture, diplomatic academies, health and sports.

The meeting provided a propitious opportunity for Undersecretary Zlauvinen to submit a draft Agreement on Technical Cooperation for the consideration of his Qatari counterpart.

Undersecretary Zlauvinen expressed his gratitude for Qatar’s support for Argentina’s position on the Question of the Malvinas Islands, in the context of the Summit of South American-Arab Countries (ASPA).

As regards conflicts in the Middle East and the resulting humanitarian crises, the officials agreed on the pressing need to take action in order to alleviate the dire situation of the civil population. In this context, Undersecretary Zlauvinen highlighted Argentina’s contributions through the White Helmets and the Syria Programme to facilitate the issuance of humanitarian visas. He also highlighted the valuable humanitarian assistance provided by the State of Qatar to that purpose.

In this regard, Ambassador Zlauvinen valued the organization of the 17th Doha Forum by the Qatari Foreign Ministry, held last 14 May under the slogan “Development, Stability and the Refugee Crisis”, and expressed his gratitude for the invitation to participate in the Forum and the opportunity to make Argentina’s position on humanitarian issues known, as well as the measures implemented on the basis of the principle of “Non-Indifference of States”.

The Argentine Republic and the State of Qatar established diplomatic relations in 1974, which have gained impetus in the last few years. The most outstanding developments include the increasing number of visits by high-ranking officials, the establishment of a considerable framework of agreements and the mutual opening of embassies in 2013.

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